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Sifu Sherman Garnett featured in Masters Martial Arts Magazine


Fall 2019 Edition, July thru Fall 2019 Edition.  


Featured Article by Sifu/Deputy Sherman Garnett,
Owner/Head Instructor of Inland Empire Fighting Systems of Corona, California.  


The Article mentioned on the front cover (Martial Arts/Law Enforcement)


ARTICLE CONTENT:  The Essential Need for Law Enforcement Officers to Train in Martial Arts/Self Defense: How the Art of Bruce Lee's Contemporary Jeet Kune Do/Israeli Krav Maga kept me Safe from the Jail to the Streets.


In the article Sifu Sherman talks about his time as a Deputy Sheriff, the essential need for more training in defensive tactics/hand to hand combat for law enforcement officers,  surviving real-life raw violent encounter's which occurred to him,
 fighting techniques, etc.


Special Thanks to Master's Magazine for publishing and printing the article.

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